Hey, I am Bigabig!

I am 17 years old and Hagen ist blöd. At the moment I am learning keyboard and programming languages to be exact Java, Android and all the languages you need for websites like html, php, mysql and javascript. I really enjoy programming and that’s actually why I programmed this website and the DotaTradeBot.

Of course I don’t spent all my time for programming. I like to play computergames, too. You might see me on DotA and several other games. But to be honest I don’t like all those shooters… I prefer RPG’s and strategy games :D

Currently, I work besides to the DotaTradeBot on some games for android. I have some good ideas but, well, I still try out all the features of android and lack graphic skills. So all my little games (hmm I am not sure if you can call those apps games^^) I programmed so far are without any graphics what is kind of disturbing… However, all I do is learning for the future.

My big aim is to work at a game developers studio. That might sound impossible, but I try hard and do my best to reach it :D

Well, thats all about me…

Good Luck!